Me Myself And I

Thursday, 24 February 2011

  1. I find it hard to believe that a person only has one side to them. I like lipgloss and fashion magazines, but I also love discussing politics. I love getting dressed up, spend hours doing my hair and then go out and dance. But I also love staying home on a Saturday in sweatpants, drinking hot chocolate and watching Come Dine with Me. I have been accused of not being true to myself for those reasons. That I can't be a girly girl who loves to dance as well as a lazy "boring" cat. So I am false for not only displaying one side of my personality? One of the comments I get the most after meeting new people is "Or not like I thought I'd be" and they usually mean it in a sweet way. But I still find it weird, is there actually people put there who ONLY talk about makeup, who are only interested in the current affairs etc? I find that very hard to believe.

Wouldn't it be very boring if we all just had one personality trait? One interested, one goal in life? I think it is so important for people to put each other into categories. 'The funny guy', 'the smart girl', 'the loud family' etc. I think it's a way of making ourselves feel comfortable. We want to know where people stand. We need to know what category people around us falls into. It's an action caused by instinct. We do it to feel safe with the ones around us. In other words, we judge people. A woman can't be an awesome mother and still be great at work in the office. You can't be model and also a good novel writer. You can't be a brutal boxer and also enjoy knitting. People would get too confused, because they would no longer be able to put you in one category. I remember being worried about things like that when I was younger, I wanted to be a model, but I also knew I would never be taken serious in the world of literature if I did that. Hopefully this has changed a little bit in a few years, people becoming less close minded.

On A Day Like Today

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Even though my alarm wasn't suppose to wake me until 11.30 I still managed to walk up at 06.30, my normally wake up time. It's very frustrating because I rarely get to sleep in. Feeling a bit like I have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Trying to gather my thoughts and get some work done while sipping on detox tea from Birt&Tang. It actually tastes quite nice, considering I'm not a big fan of tea.

Left my new fur coat I bought a few weeks ago with the dry cleaners yesterday. Its vintage and doesn't have a washing tag in it, so I had to lie and say that I've had it dry cleaned before, otherwise they wouldn't take it. Guess they don't want to take their chances with a piece that doesn't have the dry cleaning sign.
Hmm.. I just have to sit here and pray it doesn't turn into something my niece's Barbie could wear.

I'm going to the gym later on this evening. Might try to make it for the spinning class. The instructor is Satan in gym gear honestly! She will shout at you in her Russian accent if you slow down, even if it's just for a second and forget about cheating by kepping the resitance level low. She will come and check once in a while. She is much older than me and tiny but she still manage to kick my sorry ass everytime. I just need the motivation to go there. Once you're there and ready to start it's fine, it's just a matter of forcing myself to go.

I need to go and see my management sometime this week as well. A lady who used to work for one of the biggest modeling agencies in the UK reccently joined mine so I'm gonna go in and see her. Exciting!

Ok time to start getting ready for the gym.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Had such an amazing evening yesterday. For once I had my hair up though I usually prefer to keep it down when I go out. This time I thought the dress went better with an updo.

Came home around 4, but after a few drinks I always have trouble sleeping so I've only slept 2-3hours.
Was considering staying at my friend's house as most of the others were too, but in the end I decided to go home, had the luxury of being driven by a friend who didn't drink. I always prefer waking up in my own bed the day after, knowing that you won't have to go through the whole "walk-of-shame" situation haha. Not that I'd done something bad, but just the thought of wearing the same clothes and walking in your high heels when your feet are hurting, doesn't sound too appealing on a Sunday.

So today I'm nursing a soare head with bananas and diet coke. Yum!

Mad For Shopping On A Saturday?

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I'm in the wet west end to buy a present for a friend who's celebrating her 30th birthday tonight.
We are first going to gather for dinner in her house then later we're going out in Notting Hill. At the moment my shopping companion and I are resting our feet with a coffee, although we haven't actually started shopping yet.

I have told myself that I'm only allowed to go to Liberty to get her present and then I have to head straight back home so I have enough time to get ready. But something tells me I'm still gonna end up in Selfridges, The Body Shop etc etc. Hmm.. Oh well. Looking forward to a lovely Saturday! Have a great day!

Dinner and wine tonight with two of the most creative and inspiring ladies ever. This must be one of my new favourite restaurants. So low key and cosy. We just stumbled across it while out and about a few weeks ago. Fabulous dahrling!

Hope you are celebrating the end of the week somewhere nice guys :p

Jonathan Clay - Back To Good

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day guys! I hope you're all out spending your time with someone you love. Sometimes people seem to forget that that loved one doesn't have to be a lover per se. It could just as well be a relative, a friend or even a pet. I think on this day we should celebrate the love that surrounds us in general. Whether that is to smile at the people on the same train as you, offer someone a seat or just appreciate the love you see. Some people may argue that Valentine's Day is just a commercial event, created and blown out of proportion by shops who are only interested in making as much money as possible. The same could be said about Christmas or anyone's birthday then as well right? No? Hmm.. I thought so. To love and cherish each other should be a basic act in every relationship, but in reality, when everyday life hits you hard across the face is can sometimes be hard to remember and practise it as much as you should. Valentine's day can then be a gentle little reminder of what you are supposed to do. Of course, if you are one of those people/couples who finds the time to often celebrate your love, Valentine's Day might seem a little bit overrated. A lot of guys say they don't like to feel like they are being forced to get their better half gifts etc on this particular day. But really, common? Is she/he not worth it? A homemade card/rose/massage etc can mean so much for the receiver, and who want's to be stingy when it comes to love?

So after this little preachers speech (sorry, this subject lies close to my heart) I will leave you with the lady who always seems to know who to describe what we all feel - Sade. She is one of the most talented and gracious woman in the industry accordingly to me. This particular song also means a lot to me since it is a song a special someone and I will share forever.

Lots of love on this special day,


Saturday, 12 February 2011

After a never ending week that just seemed to be dragging on I came home to find that my flatmate had put chocolate coins under my door before he went to work. The 7 year old in me was quite excited.

I definitely got the best flatmate ever!
It beats rose petals on the floor, every time haha! Anyway, good way to start the weekend.

The Frog Prince

We Can Hide In My Castle Of Blankets

Maria Mena - Just Hold Me

Friday, 11 February 2011

Ice Cream In The Middle Of Nowhere

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

And All That Jazz

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Sometimes I feel like getting rid of my flat, quit whatever I'm doing and buy a one way ticket to the US.
Start of in New York, spend maybe a few days there, touristing and then get on the road and follow route 66 all the way to California in an vintage american car a la 'Scar Tissue'. Use my polaroid camera on the way, taking loads of pictures of the things I see and stop to vistit the little road side cafe's, ordering portions of apple pie that are too big to finish.

To stop whenever and wherever you want is like the most ultimate feeling of freedom. But then daily life takes over, with all the commitment and do's and but's. I think most people have some sort of dream, whether it's to learn a new skill or travel or something else.

I wonder if not fulfilling these dreams will make you unhappy in the long time future, or if you manage to forget them as you grow and life goes on.

Switchfoot - Learning To Breathe

Monday, 7 February 2011

Really liked the movie as well, does that make me sad?

Oh well

Had to cancel my spa appointment today since my agency needs to see me to discuss some work on Wednesday. And obvioulsy I put work before rest. Always. Just so typical it was on the same day because I have really been waiting aages for this. Sigh, but that's that.

I'm definately not a Monday person btw. Can you tell? Though I have to admit Tuesdays are worse. On Monday at least you have some energy left from the weekend to get up, but on Tuesdays I'm a zombie.


Karolina Kurkova for Elle

I know this spread is from 2005 but that's also what makes it so AMAZING. She's just incredible and I cant fault these pictures whatsoever, loving the clothes, jewellery and styling. I think she is one of the most beautiful models out there, she always manage to portray different looks, from girl next door, to haute couture to VS.