Me Myself And I

Thursday, 24 February 2011

  1. I find it hard to believe that a person only has one side to them. I like lipgloss and fashion magazines, but I also love discussing politics. I love getting dressed up, spend hours doing my hair and then go out and dance. But I also love staying home on a Saturday in sweatpants, drinking hot chocolate and watching Come Dine with Me. I have been accused of not being true to myself for those reasons. That I can't be a girly girl who loves to dance as well as a lazy "boring" cat. So I am false for not only displaying one side of my personality? One of the comments I get the most after meeting new people is "Or not like I thought I'd be" and they usually mean it in a sweet way. But I still find it weird, is there actually people put there who ONLY talk about makeup, who are only interested in the current affairs etc? I find that very hard to believe.

Wouldn't it be very boring if we all just had one personality trait? One interested, one goal in life? I think it is so important for people to put each other into categories. 'The funny guy', 'the smart girl', 'the loud family' etc. I think it's a way of making ourselves feel comfortable. We want to know where people stand. We need to know what category people around us falls into. It's an action caused by instinct. We do it to feel safe with the ones around us. In other words, we judge people. A woman can't be an awesome mother and still be great at work in the office. You can't be model and also a good novel writer. You can't be a brutal boxer and also enjoy knitting. People would get too confused, because they would no longer be able to put you in one category. I remember being worried about things like that when I was younger, I wanted to be a model, but I also knew I would never be taken serious in the world of literature if I did that. Hopefully this has changed a little bit in a few years, people becoming less close minded.

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