Sick Of Being Sick

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dinner at Gaucho's yesterday, lovely food and company. I'm sick again though, with the same stuff I had last time. Went to the doctors on Saturday and when I asked for something to soothe my cough at night, he suggested sleeping in a upright position. Puncto. Is that what my taxes go to??

It was a busy week last week and so is this one. On Thursday it was drinks with two of my fab City girls. On Friday I went to see my agency and had some tests taken. They are relaunching their new website in a few weeks time, so it's quite hectic to get everything ready. Really annoyed that I don't have a camera at the moment, miss taking photos of everything that's going on.

Tomorrow I have a massage and bodyscrub booked in. Read somewhere a while ago that you shouldn't have a massage when you're sick. Hopefully I'll be a bit better tomorrow then. Really just want to dive back down under my duvet but I need to get up soon and get ready.

My fur turned out great. The man in the shop made a point of saying that vintage is always tricky to get right. Hmm..

Oh well time to get up!

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