Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sometimes I feel like getting rid of my flat, quit whatever I'm doing and buy a one way ticket to the US.
Start of in New York, spend maybe a few days there, touristing and then get on the road and follow route 66 all the way to California in an vintage american car a la 'Scar Tissue'. Use my polaroid camera on the way, taking loads of pictures of the things I see and stop to vistit the little road side cafe's, ordering portions of apple pie that are too big to finish.

To stop whenever and wherever you want is like the most ultimate feeling of freedom. But then daily life takes over, with all the commitment and do's and but's. I think most people have some sort of dream, whether it's to learn a new skill or travel or something else.

I wonder if not fulfilling these dreams will make you unhappy in the long time future, or if you manage to forget them as you grow and life goes on.

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