Sunday, 20 February 2011

Had such an amazing evening yesterday. For once I had my hair up though I usually prefer to keep it down when I go out. This time I thought the dress went better with an updo.

Came home around 4, but after a few drinks I always have trouble sleeping so I've only slept 2-3hours.
Was considering staying at my friend's house as most of the others were too, but in the end I decided to go home, had the luxury of being driven by a friend who didn't drink. I always prefer waking up in my own bed the day after, knowing that you won't have to go through the whole "walk-of-shame" situation haha. Not that I'd done something bad, but just the thought of wearing the same clothes and walking in your high heels when your feet are hurting, doesn't sound too appealing on a Sunday.

So today I'm nursing a soare head with bananas and diet coke. Yum!

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