The Break You Needed The Most

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm felling a bit creatively low at the moment. How do you stay on top all the time. Are you putting up a facade, pretending everything's fine, are you faking that crooked smile. I can't always bring something up from my mind and translate it into words and images. Sometimes I force myself, digging to hard into something that's not going to come out anyway. At something that's not ready to take centre stage, something that needs to lay in my mind and ripe for a little bit longer. It needs to feel real and honest before I can put something up there. If I don't get that feeling when I do it, I know it's not gonna be worth using. But how can you force a feeling of perfection? Even if it's a passion you can't always be passionate. Sometimes it's a love hate relationship. You feel like everything's been done, there aren't enough creativity to go around and everyone's doing the same thing. When you can't even write the title. Going into a inspiration coma, being surrounded by calmness until you are ready to wake up to a new day.

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