¿Que Pasa?

Sunday, 1 May 2011

On Friday two gorgeous ladies and I had dinner at Que Pasa. The food and service was so bad, it was seriously a joke! If you ever visit Gothenburg- do not under any circumstances go there. Ha! Even though the food and drinks weren't good we still had a fun night. Keeping in touch with childhood/school friends is so important. They are the ones who know you best, they have been there through the ups and the downs and you will always have memories to cherish with them. Unfortunately it was the last night I could spend with my ladies, time is always tight when I come to visit Gothenburg and tomorrow I'm going back to London. Really wish I could stay longer this time.

The souerest Mojito I've ever had

The mussel dish sounded amazing on the menu but it was far too blaah

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