Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back in London again. Feels weird, you know when you've been away sleeping in a different bed, when you wake up the next day back in your own house it takes a while to realise where you are. What surprised me when I came home last night was that it didn't smell funny. I know it sounds weird, but you know when you been away for a while it smells different when you get back. I supposed its because all the doors are closed etc. Aaanyway, I wondered why it didn't and first I was worried someone might have been in my house. Then I saw I'd accidentally left a bowl of grapes in my bedroom. Obviously, because I've been away for a while they were a wee bit dry (Thought I'd save you from showing a picture of it). Some people leave dry flowers etc aka pout pourri around the house as an air freshener. Could that work with dry fruit as well?

Anyway, so I'm back in London. It feels weird but then again it always feels a bit strange in the beginning, it takes a while to readjust. Going to the gym this afternoon, haven't been for a while now since I've been away. I'm scared to admit it but I'm actually looking forward to it. Kinda. Or maybe I'm just jet lagged.

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