Wednesday, 11 May 2011

In desperate need of a new beginning I felt like I needed a major change. A fresh start I could rely on. Somewhere I could point to and say - this is where my new me started. So I cut my hair. And that makes me one of the nominees to The Sadest Blogpost and Attempt to Change in 2011. Why thank you!

So I went from this

To this:

Or maybe not. But I have read that women who shave of their heads often do it cause they are in need of a new start and by shaving of their hair they feel as if they are starting fresh. Or maybe they are just bored of combing it.

I'm quite pleased with my hair. My lovely hairdresser always listens to all my suggestion (keep in mind I know nothing about cuting hair) and looks at all the pics I bring with me (my entire collection of this years fashion magazines) But the end result is what I wanted. I'm always a bit nervous when I go to the hair dresser. I'm scared I might get hit by a 30 minute crisis, where I turn into someone who thinks green is this seasons it colour and demands it to be permed on one side. And then when my hair dresser has given up on trying to change my mind and finished doing my hair (whilst crying of course) I will snap back into the old me and start crying more than the hair dresser.

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linnea/chessclub said...

haha you're funny!tycker håret blev skitsnyggt förresten!

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