Weekend Warriors

Monday, 14 March 2011

Thought this weekend was going to be rather calm, but turns out my friend Christine and her boyfriend came for a surprise visit. On Friday I feel asleep on the sofa (yes, very glam), was just too exhausted to do anything. On Saturday we walked around Carnaby Street, gossiping and laughing. In the evening we met up with Sofia, had dinner at Busaba Eathai and later went for a drink in Hoxton Square.

I promised myself I wouldn't spend anymore money this month (after an over indulgence on makeup on Friday) I managed to keep that promise for 2 days which must be some sort of new record. Because yesterday 3 pair of shoes, a studs wallet, a lace body and 2 bags just magically appeared in my shopping bags. Hmm...

Yesterday a few of us went to a restaurant in Soho called Inamo. Very different and very tasty food. I think at one point we were ordering more food just for the fun of it. Definitely a place I recommend. It all turned into a bit of a birthday party since it's Christine's 23rd birthday today, although we will celebrate it today as well. Will put up some picture when I get my new cable.

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