Londons worst kept secret

Friday, 4 February 2011

Just read on a website that Victoria Park is "one of East London's best kept secret". I find that very hard to believe, the person who wrote that has obviously never actually put their foot there or stood in the mile long queue at the Pavilion Cafe. Oh the disappointment when you finally reach the end only to find out that all the yummiest dishes are sold out! For some reason they always have chicken and leek pie left though, its not that it's bad or anyting, I've had it, but if very buttery gravy isnt anything for you, I suggest stay clear.

My flatemate and I visited Victoria Park a few weeks ago. It was very chilly outside but luckily the sun was shining. Because it was Sunday we werent able to stop by the fish monger or the butcher since they were both closed, but thank god the little adorable bakery was open. I love this part of East London, walking down the little avenues is almost enough to make you forget that you are actually still in central London.

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