It's because I'm ill alright!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Because I'm still ill and spend most of the time in bed with my blueberry stained sheets (don't ask) I tend to get excited about the smallest (most pathetic) things. Like the fact that the micro wave I ordered the other day just arrived. My landlord couldn't be asked to get one so I had to do it myself. I have never seen a more confused delivery man like the one who just came and asked me to sign for it.
-Thaaaaaaaaaaank you, thaaaaaaaaaaank you sooo much!!!!!
-Errr.. it's just a micro wave luv...

Hmm.. I was a bit worried that I would have to build it myself from scratch. You know, like an IKEA book shelf. Lucky for me I only had to take it out of the box haha... So now Im sitting here with a stupid smile on my face because of my new micro wave. Quite sad indeed. At least now I can eat as many ready made meals I want, wowo.. Or not. No but seriously, it will come in really handy since Im always on the go and usually make massive batches of food and freeze them in portions. It's the Stepford wife in me!
Oh whatver I'm sick of this micro wave now...

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